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Living in a mobile society, we demand a transportation network that is safe, efficient and dependable. OMNNI’s engineers and designers are experienced in the planning and design of urban and rural transportation projects ranging from the initial traffic studies to the complete design and reconstruction of highways, bridges and airport facilities.

Our project managers are also very client focused and detail oriented. Clients frequently tell us that our project management and communication skills, as well as the quality of our engineering plans, are excellent. As one client wrote, “Good creative research and design efforts…Very good documentation and design details…Very responsive to changes and questions…”

Learn about one of OMNNI’s award-winning construction administration projects.

RoadsOMNNI’s transportation engineers are experienced in the planning and design of urban and rural road projects. Designs range from small resurfacing projects to highways, interchanges, and roundabouts including environmental documentation and public involvement. Our project managers are familiar with the Context Sensitive Solutions design approach and the importance of developing public involvement strategies that educate the public, foster project understanding, identify challenges, encourage input and build consensus.

Bridge OMNNI’s structural engineers are experienced in the planning and design of urban and rural bridge projects ranging from replacements on secondary roads to the design and construction of bridges on state highways. Our multi-disciplined staff can take a project from planning through construction. OMNNI also offers bridge inspection services including inspections, rating and rehabilitation design.

RoundaboutOMNNI’s roundabout designers have provided analysis, review and design for more than 50 roundabouts including single- and multi-lane roundabouts in urban and rural settings. Our roundabout engineers are level 2 WisDOT qualified roundabout designers. They are familiar with RODEL software and use it to analyze both simple and complex intersection traffic movements, and are familiar with HCM software, as well as software that model a vehicle’s turning path. Experience also includes knowledge of Trans75 and incorporating pedestrian and bicycle accommodations into design.

TrafficOMNNI’s transportation engineers have expertise providing a wide range of traffic engineering services for both government agencies and private sector clients. Experience includes intersection analysis, traffic signal design and timing, traffic modeling, signing and marking, roundabout analysis and design, and traffic impact studies. Our team includes professional traffic operations engineers with qualifications ranging within the entire spectrum of traffic engineering from neighborhood traffic issues to data collection and crash analysis for single intersections to traffic modeling, capacity analysis and optimization of signal timing for complex traffic signal corridors.

AirportFor 30 years, OMNNI has provided planning, engineering and construction administration services to commercial and general aviation airports throughout Wisconsin. Projects have involved both airside and landside improvements and expansions, many of which have won state and national awards for engineering excellence. In addition our engineers have developed in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal (FAA) policies and procedures.

Real Estate OMNNI provides real estate negotiation and acquisition services for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Aeronautics, and local municipalities under the Wisconsin Eminent Domain Laws for the purpose of expanding, relocating and improving state highways and airports. Our real estate specialists are well-versed in reading and interpreting right-of-way plats and construction plans, communicating the effects of acquisition on owners’ property and informing owners of their rights under WI Eminent Domain Laws.

Construction OMNNI provides transportation construction administration services to ensure that the construction is in conformance with design specifications. Our construction project leaders provide construction coordination, inspection, schedule compliance, quantity tracking and overall quality management.