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Responsibilities of an OMNNI Associates Construction Project Leader

Steve SeymourWith the construction season starting up, you will probably start to experience road construction with backhoes, cranes, concrete trucks and contractor crews working on building new and safer roadways. Did you ever wonder who is responsible for ensuring that everything is built correctly so the bridge will last well into the future?

Meet Steve Seymour, OMNNI’s construction project leader. Steve provides on-site project representative services ultimately responsible for overseeing all daily construction activities. Steve can be found walking the site, monitoring the progress and working with the project inspectors to monitor the quality of construction work taking place. Construction project leaders, like Steve, fulfill four main responsibilities for our clients. These include:

Client Representation

Construction project leaders represent the interests of the owner on a project. As such, they are in frequent communication with the owner providing reports and documentation of the work progress. They also consult with the owners when unforeseen issues arise that may impact project costs.

Contract Administration/Inspection

Construction project leaders, with the help of inspection staff, oversee the administration of the contract. Specific work tasks include verifying that all work performed is in compliance with the project plans and specifications, documenting daily work activities, resolving unforeseen construction issues, calculating quantities for project pay items, and submitting contractor pay estimates to the client.

Materials Tracking/Testing

Construction project leaders are responsible for verifying that all materials incorporated into a project are in accordance with specifications. This work task involves verifying that contractors have the proper certifications for all materials incorporated into the project. It also involves collecting samples of materials for testing. Some of the materials sampled on roadway and bridge projects include the stone base, sewer trench backfill, steel rebar, concrete masonry and concrete and asphalt pavement.

Coordinating with Utility Companies

Roadway construction almost always creates conflicts with underground facilities, power poles and overhead lines. While some relocations are completed prior to the start of construction, many relocations are done concurrent with construction. It is also common to identify unforeseen conflicts during construction. The construction project leader is responsible for coordinating with the owner of utility facilities to resolve all conflicts during the project construction.

Wrightstown Bridge in Wisconsin

Steve provided construction administration services for the construction of the 14-span WIS 96 Fox River Bridge located in Wrightstown. This pre-stressed concrete girder bridge was constructed on a new alignment south of the existing bridge. The approach reconstruction included roundabouts on both sides of the bridge. The roadway construction was staged to maintain access across the existing bridge, and eventually over the new bridge, at all times.

“Watching the project progress from the beginning stages of construction to the end is the best part of my job,” said Seymour. “I love seeing the transformation take place and know that I was a vital part of it.”

As a testament to the quality of his work, Steve also received the 2014 award for Excellence in Grading from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the State Highway 29/County Road FF interchange project in Howard/Hobart, west of Green Bay. This project included overseeing the reconstruction of the existing at-grade intersection to a diamond interchange including bridge construction, box culvert extensions, bottomless culvert construction, and retaining walls.   A new frontage road and four roundabouts were also part of the project.

Highway 29/County Road FF interchange project

Construction project leaders are hardworking and meticulous, and they provide a critical role in ensuring that our transportation network is safe, efficient and dependable.

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