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Geotechnical Investigation

Wittman Regional Airport
Oshkosh, Wisconsin


OMNNI’s geotechnical engineers investigated two proposed sites for the design and construction of the foundation for a new air traffic control tower at Wittman Regional Airport. The investigation was to determine subsurface soil conditions and provide recommendations for the foundation design based on significant foundation loads.

Due to the soil and water conditions encountered at the initial site, a foundation was recommended that consisted of a pile or drilled pier foundation tied to a large mat foundation. The client eventually abandoned this site and the second site was investigated. Although the sites were only a few hundred yards apart, soil conditions differed substantially enough at the second site that pile or drilled piers were not required. Relatively shallow bedrock and very stiff/dense weathered bedrock resulted in foundation recommendations that consisted of a mat foundation bearing on very dense/very stiff weathered bedrock and/or shallow bedrock.