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Subsurface Investigations

Roads & Bridges throughout Wisconsin


OMNNI Associates’ Geotechnical Engineers perform subsurface investigations for redesign/reconstruction of roads and bridges for local, county, and state agencies to determine design and construction parameters for these structures.

On road projects, subsurface investigations generally consist of shallow borings to document existing pavement sections for design of a reconstructed or rehabilitated pavement section, identify shallow subsurface soil conditions for determining design parameters based on soil conditions, define areas where unsuitable pavement subgrade soils may be encountered that may involve additional construction costs, and determine soil conditions that may affect design and construction of utilities involved in the project.

On bridge projects, subsurface investigations determine the types and depths of foundations required for bridge abutments and piers, as well as address roadway approach concerns. Bridge projects usually involve deeper borings as abutments and piers are typically supported on a deeper foundation.