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STH 55 Corridor (STH 96 to USH 41)

Outagamie County, Wisconsin


  • CTH OO & 55
  • Maloney Rd/Gertrude & STH 55
  • Northbound Ramps & STH 55
  • Southbound Ramps & STH 55

This project involves the reconstruction and widening of one mile of STH 55 from a two-lane rural section to a four-lane urban section including the reconstruction of four intersections to multi-lane roundabouts. The project starts in a residential area and proceeds through an industrial park. The roadway carries a high percentage of truck traffic. Three of the four roundabouts are in close proximity to each other. They include the Maloney Road / Gertrude intersection, the northbound USH 41 ramps and the southbound USH 41 ramps. The ramp roundabouts have further challenges due to the constraints of the structure carrying USH 41 traffic over STH 55, which will not be replaced.

The existing STH 55 is a two-lane roadway and the USH 41 ramps are single lane ramps. STH 55 is free flow and the ramps have a stop condition. Within the life of the ramp intersections, USH 41 may be reconstructed to six lanes, at which time the structure and the ramps will be reconstructed. Due to the fact that the existing structure will not allow there to be the required number of lanes for the design year traffic, both an interim and ultimate design is being completed for the ramp intersections. To minimize future construction costs and traffic impacts, the roundabouts were located correctly for both the interim and future lane configurations.