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Appleton International Airport

Appleton, Wisconsin


The initial study analyzed several parking lot, entrance, exit and circulation road options for the airport. The design phase consisted of reviewing the recommendations from the study phase, coordination with the airport authorities to determine their latest needs, evaluating the constraints of the site, conducting traffic studies and projections, and designing multiple alternatives for the entrance, exit, circulation road, and parking areas. An extensive traffic control and traffic-phasing plan was developed to accommodate facility users while allowing the contractor to conduct their construction operations.

The plans included architectural, electrical and mechanical design for the entrance and exit plazas; parking and street lighting; storm water design and management using biofilters, storm sewer system and detention pond; soils analysis and report; landscape architecture; informational and directional signage; site and roadway design. A parking control system was specified for revenue control, taxi staging/notification system and closed circuit television. Construction was phased to keep existing facilities open at all time

“While I was Airport Director at Outagamie County Regional Airport, I worked with OMNNI Associates and Aaron Stewart on a wide variety of infrastructure improvement projects. Projects ranged from runway reconstruction to parking lot reconfiguration to hangar design. Many of these projects were complicated and had tight timeframes. I was grateful for Aaron’s broad knowledge of FAA policies and procedures, as well as his acute attention to detail and ongoing communication. In many cases he was able to expedite project approvals and documentation allowing tough schedules to be met, making my job that much easier.”

Marty Lenss, Former Airport Director
Outagamie County Regional Airport, (now Appleton International Airport)