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Environmental Investigation

Midwest Plating Corp., Appleton, Wisconsin


The Midwest Plating Corporation property is located in a mixed development area. Chrome plating operations began at the facility in 1973. They were directed to conduct an interim action surface soil restoration to restore contaminated soils on their property and three adjacent residential properties. This consisted of removing soils containing concentrations of metals above site-specific residual contaminant levels.

Because the company was financially unable to proceed with the suggested interim action, the WDNR initiated a state-funded response action to address the contaminated soils on residential properties. OMNNI’s investigation included conducting surficial soil sampling to define the degree and extent of soil contamination; preparing and presenting technical data at public meetings; preparing remedial design plans and specifications for the interim action; preparing bid documents and conducting competitive public bidding; documenting contaminated soil excavation and replacement with clean fill; overseeing construction and contractor work; sampling and characterizing interim action wastes; determining soil handling, storage and disposal location requirements; completing confirmation sampling; and documenting successful completion of the soil restoration project.

OMNNI also provided a topographic survey and prepared a grading plan for the MPC property to redirect surface water away from the site building, to prevent re-contamination of remediated areas in the future.