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Midway Road Roundabout

Midway Road Roundabouts

City of Appleton, Wisconsin


  • Telulah Avenue & Midway Road
  • Plank Road & Midway Road
  • Lake Park Road & Midway Road

This project involved three potential roundabouts for the south side of Appleton. Midway Road, which is also County Highway AP, was relocated/extended to the intersection of Eisenhower Drive. OMNNI provided feasibility, analysis and preliminary layout for roundabouts at the existing intersection of Midway Road and Telulah Avenue, the new intersection of Midway Road and Plank Road and the new intersection of Midway Road and Lake Park Road. Based on traffic analysis, each roundabout needed to have multi-lane entrances and exits along Midway Road and single lane entrances and exits on the side road. However, each location provided its own unique challenges.

The Midway/Telulah intersection is located close to an elementary school and residential dwellings in each quadrant that are located very close to the intersection. Because one of the residents would need to be acquired, this roundabout option did not move forward. The Midway/Plank intersection was a T intersection that required the Plank Road to be slightly realigned to form an acceptable angle with the new Midway Road. The Midway/Lake Park intersection has residents in the north quadrants and a proposed development in the southeast quadrant.