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CTH CE & Eisenhower Drive Corridor

Outagamie County, Wisconsin


This project is located just east of the STH 441/CTH CE interchange and involved the evaluation of intersection alternatives at the CTH CE & Eisenhower Drive and Eisenhower Drive & Van Roy intersections. Traffic delays and safety were critical issues at these closely spaced intersections in a developing area. Various intersection alternative combinations were analyzed, including signalized intersections and roundabouts.

The intersection of CE and Eisenhower Drive is designed as a multi-lane roundabout with three lanes entering and a dual lane right-turn bypass on the westbound College Avenue. At this time, only one lane of the right-turn bypass was built.

The intersection of Van Roy Road and Eisenhower is a multi-lane roundabout with two lanes entering on three of the legs and a single lane entering on one leg.

OMNNI also provided real estate negotiation services and administrative documentation to acquire 14 parcels (fee and TLE) and seven utility conveyances for two separate clients. Some of the parcels were shared, due to location. The majority of parcels were businesses, four of which required partial release of mortgages.

This project received the 2016 National Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement (Municipal Streets & Intersections <30,000 SY) from the American Concrete Pavement Association for projects constructed in 2015.