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CTH XX, CTH X to East River Bridge

Brown County, Wisconsin


This one mile urban roadway project consisted of three segments. The first segment, from CTH X to Libal Street, was a pavement replacement between the existing curb and gutter. The existing two-lane roadway with parking was resurfaced and marked as a two-lane roadway with bike lanes and parking on one side.

The second segment was the reconstruction of the CTH XX and Libal Road intersection as a roundabout. The existing intersection was a four-way stop. The single lane, compact urban roundabout design was complicated by the close proximity of the houses and the locations of the residential driveways. Each of the quadrants had a unique access solution including changing the garage access for the northeast quadrant.

The third segment was the reconstruction of CTH XX from Libal Street to the East River Bridge. The existing two-lane rural cross-section was reconstructed with a two-lane urban section with bike lanes. Sidewalk was extended from East River Drive to the bridge, as well as a connection to the East River Trail.