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OMNNI Roundabouts

CTH B & CTH HS/Velp Avenue

Brown County, Wisconsin

This project includes the reconstruction of the existing intersection of CTH B & CTH HS/Velp Avenue to a multi-lane roundabout. The existing intersection of CTH B and CTH HS/Velp Avenue was a four-way stop with CTH HS/Velp intersecting CTH B at approximately 50 degrees. The design resulted in the westbound approach being a two-lane entry with an exit that merges down to a single lane shortly after the roundabout. The eastbound approach is a single-lane entry with a snagged right-turn bypass. The northbound and southbound approaches are single-lane entries.

The short time frame to complete the design and plans added to the complexity of the project. Due to tight right-of-way restrictions, correcting for the skew of the intersection became a challenge and resulted in a circulating roadway shaped like an oval. Compounding on the issues with the skew was the significant elevation difference between the northwest and southeast quadrants. The final design was able to correct the skew of the intersection, meet WisDOT standards for vertical design, while still meeting the right-of-way restrictions and being delivered on time.