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CTH G, (Stelf Lane – STH 29) Reconstruction

Shawano County, Wisconsin

OMNNI provided engineering services for this locally funded project. The deteriorated roadway provided a link between other recently reconstructed sections of CTH G with STH 29. This 1.6-mile section of rural roadway required reconstruction to improve safety and increase sight distance, but had an extensive amount of wetland impacts resulting from the wider shoulders and safer side slopes associated with the proposed section. OMNNI completed the wetland and storm water permitting for this project using the WisDNR’s new permitting process. Because of the terrain relief in the area, several alternatives were evaluated for the vertical alignment. Agency coordination was also important for permit approvals. This project was completed in eight months, allowing both utility relocations and the County to purchase R/W in time for construction only 10 months from the start of the project.