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Geotechnical Investigation

CTH Z/Thousand Island Nature Preserve
Kaukauna, Wisconsin


Pavement distress and slope distress of an embankment was noted along a stretch of CTH Z, parallel to the Fox River. The embankment extending from the pavement shoulder to the Fox River was part of the 1000 Islands Nature Preserve, and included a portion of a walking trail. A subsurface exploration was performed of the embankment distress areas. It was determined that the distress was the result of a combination of factors including block sliding, circular slip failure and subsurface water concerns.

Based on the evaluation of soil conditions and causes of the embankment distress, recommendations were made which included adding a rip-rap counterweight at the toe of the existing embankment and in the Fox River, providing subsurface drainage, and repair of the existing slope conditions. Design and construction of the project involved coordination with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Corps of Engineers, Outagamie County Highway Department, 1000 Islands Nature Preserve and the City of Kaukauna.