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Corporate Jet Hangar

Corporate Jet Hangar Design

Corporate Client – Appleton, Wisconsin


OMNNI provided architectural design services for a new 25,000-square-foot hangar facility at Appleton International Airport to house an area corporation’s jet aircraft.  A collaborative, integrated design process involving OMNNI, the owner and the contractor, helped to establish comprehensive design and performance goals at the beginning of the project and were  incorporated throughout the construction process to achieve a high quality, cost-effective building. The hangar consists of a pre-engineered metal building with 33-foot high eaves and 28-foot-high, bi-parting hangar doors. Interconnected to the hangar is 3,000 square feet of space for passenger waiting, offices and a pilots’ lounge.

Structural design included:
Hangar building
o Standard foundations for a pre-fabricated metal hangar building
o Slab included cross-building tie rods and in-floor heating coils
o Foundation and track were designed for the bi-parting hangar doors
Office building
o Steel joist bi-level roof supported on steel moment-frames
o Standard concrete foundations