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OMNNI Geotechnical

Geotechnical Investigation

University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, Menasha, WI


OMNNI’s Geotechnical Engineers investigated the proposed site for the University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley’s Communication Arts Center. The 33,700- square-foot facility consisted of a single-story, two-story, and auditorium height structure, including a 70-foot fly tower.

Due to the soil and water conditions at the site and because foundation loads varied based on location within the facility, the site was divided into 5 zones. Upon review of the test bearing data and laboratory results, a foundation for column and wall loads in Zones 1, 2, and 3 of the proposed structure were recommended to be placed on a conventional spread footing foundation.

In zones 4 and 5, based on the subsurface conditions, large column and walls loads, and anticipated settlement for conventional spread foundations in these zones, it was recommended that foundations be constructed on a deep foundation system. A soil modification system consisting of a grid of Geopiers ® was recommended as a viable and more cost-effective alternate to a typical driven pile foundation.

Geopiers®, consisting of larger diameter shafts drilled into the underlying softer soil layers and filled/compacted with crushed stone aggregate, were used to stiffen the underlying softer fat clays and to limit soil consolidation allowing for foundation construction.