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OMNNI Brownfield Redvelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

American Toy
Hortonville, Wisconsin


The former American Toy and Furniture company used paints, thinners, solvents, glues, lubricants and degreasers in their manufacturing process. The facility also used four underground storage tanks and a hazardous waste storage area.

OMNNI assisted the client with obtaining two Wisconsin DNR Site Assessment Grants; placing the site in the Voluntary Liability Protection Program (VPLE); and completing the characterization of three separate impacted zones at the facility.

Closure was obtained on the areas contaminated by leaking underground storage tanks. The area impacted by the solvent release is undergoing long-term monitoring. Hybrid Poplar and Cottonwood trees have been planted to assist with the breakdown of the remaining solvent contamination (phytoremediation).