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Air Traffic Control Tower

Wittman Regional Airport – Oshkosh, Wisconsin


OMNNI provided design of the new tower which included a 4,240-square-foot ground facility complete with offices, break/training area, and maintenance and utility space. The tower’s shaft includes an elevator and stair tower for vertical connection between the ground facility and the cab, as well as intermediate levels containing mechanical equipment and support facilities for the cab. The tower cab is 60% larger and contains state-of-the-art electronics to aid the controllers and increase airport safety.

“…OMNNI has done a very good job with keeping this project moving and on track…done an outstanding job…very knowledgeable… The extra coordination that was required with FAA managed very professionally and with patience…”

Excerpted from the consultant evaluation
prepared by the WisDOT, Bureau of Aeronautics

Outstanding Airport Building Resident Engineering Award
WI Department of Transportation, Bureau of Aeronautics