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OMNNI’s Engineers & Technicians Provide Testing of Materials for Quality & Compliance


We all know how it feels to drive down a road or through a parking lot and have your body physically jarred by an unexpected pothole. For counties, municipalities and owners of large facilities with acres of parking lots and miles of roadways, it can be equally jarring to discover how much it can cost to repair or replace these deteriorating pavements. Although repair and replacement is inevitable, premature pavement failure can be unnecessarily costly.

One way to prevent this scenario is by employing a good pavement design and management program. For over twenty years, OMNNI has been working closely with counties, municipalities, and local and national pavement consulting firms, providing materials testing services for their pavement management programs.


Pavement management includes evaluating pavements, developing plans and specifications, monitoring construction and providing construction administration for repair and/or replacement of pavement.

OMNNI’s materials testing laboratory provides asphalt testing services during the construction phase, which includes asphalt mix quality verification testing to confirm that the producer’s quality control test results are in compliance with the mix property requirements.

Our engineers and technicians test the physical properties of an asphalt sample including asphalt content, gradation of aggregate and total mix voids and the samples tested are often split samples of the producer’s quality control test samples.


OMNNI’s test results are compared to the producer’s quality control test results to verify that they are within acceptable limits. Mix properties during placement can greatly affect the pavement’s long-term strength and durability, so confirming that the producer’s quality control testing laboratory is providing reliable results is an important part of assuring overall project quality.

OMNNI works on pavement projects for local counties and municipalities, as well as private sector clients throughout the U.S. on large corporate, industrial, retail and healthcare developments. All testing is completed in OMNNI’s in-house Construction Materials Testing Laboratory in Appleton, Wisc.

“Our laboratory has the capabilities to perform construction materials testing and engineering services starting with the geotechnical subsurface exploration and extending through the duration of a project,” explains Paul Eggen, Materials Testing Program Manager. “On these projects, we’re able to provide asphalt mix testing that is performed in accordance with national standards providing timely, consistent and reliable results.”

OMNNI’s materials testing laboratory meets the requirements set forth in ASTM: D3666, “Minimum Requirements for Agencies Testing and Inspecting Road and Paving Materials” and ASTM: C1077 “Standard Practice for Laboratories Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for use in Construction and Criteria for Laboratory Evaluation.”

We are nationally accredited by the AASHTO Accreditation Program and participate in the AASHTO Proficiency Sample Program for aggregates, concrete, and asphalt testing.

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