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OMNNI Staff Beat the Heat at the Fox Cities Marathon

Two marathon relay teams, one full marathon runner, and one half marathon runner represented OMNNI Associates at this year’s Fox Cities Marathon in Neenah, Wisconsin. While the marathon usually takes place on a crisp fall weekend, this year’s marathon may have been the hottest one yet. Temperatures climbed into the high 80’s and low 90’s during the event, and despite the humidity, OMNNI’s runners kept their stride and exhibited incredible strength and endurance.


Teamwork and timing is the key to successful relay races, and team member Ben Backus rose to the challenge when he learned that the captain of his team had hurt his back and wouldn’t be able to run. So, Ben stepped up and ran not one, but two lengths of the relay course, for a total of 10.4 miles.

Even with this last-minute change, OMNNI’s TEAM #1 placed 1st in the Corporate category finishing with a time of 3.14.33 with an average pace of 7.26! They also placed 3rd in the overall Relay category.

Congrats to OMNNI’s TEAM #1 runners including Ben Backus (2 lengths), Kyle Weeks, Ryan Betker and Caleb Olson.

Ryan’s hand reaches out to receive the hand off from Kyle as he finishes the third leg of the relay.


Doing what they could to beat the heat, OMNNI TEAM #2 placed 15th in the Corporate category finishing with a time of 4.18.04 with an average pace of 9.51. They placed 31st in the overall Relay category.

Congrats to OMNNI TEAM #2 runners including Brian Epley, Tobias Moerch, Dave Yurk, Paul Ferrier,  and Christine Schulz.

Marathon Man

Not only did Brian Epley run the first leg of the TEAM #2 relay, he then continued on to finish the full marathon. He has participated in six other marathons and though it’s probably not his last, it may have been the hottest.

Celebrating their personal best, Elizabeth Marks finished her first half marathon and Tobias Moerch took part in the OMNNI TEAM #2 relay team.

Congrats to all the runners in this year’s marathon!

“Neither heat nor humidity nor sweat nor the burning rays of the sun stays these runners from the swift completion of their appointed miles.”

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