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OMNNI honored with Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards

OMNNI Associates was recently recognized by the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) for their role on two highway projects.

Gold Award – CE & Eisenhower Drive Corridor Project
Outagamie County, Wisconsin

The CTH CE and Eisenhower Drive Corridor project was awarded the Gold Award for “Outstanding Design and Construction” in the Municipal Streets & Intersections Category <$30,000 SY. The award was presented to Outagamie County, Town of Buchanan (owners), OMNNI Associates (design engineer), Gremmer & Associates (construction administration) and Vinton Construction Company (prime contractor).


This project is located just east of the STH 441/CTH CE interchange in Outagamie County along an urban corridor.  OMNNI provided engineering design services including the evaluation of intersection alternatives at CTH CE & Eisenhower Drive and Eisenhower Drive & Van Roy Road. The intersections are closely spaced and traffic congestion and safety were critical issues.

OMNNI provided design services for multi-lane roundabouts at both intersections. The intersection of CE and Eisenhower Drive is designed as a multi-lane roundabout with three lanes entering and a dual lane right-turn bypass on the westbound College Avenue. At this time, only one lane of the right-turn bypass was built.

The intersection of Van Roy Road and Eisenhower is a multi-lane roundabout with two lanes entering on three of the legs and a single lane entering on one leg.

Travel through the corridor has been vastly improved. Traffic congestion has been reduced, safety improved and access to businesses on Eisenhower Drive has been significantly improved.

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Mike Malcolm, P.E., (right), Project Manager, receives award for OMNNI Associates

Silver Award – STH 47 ( Appleton Road) Interchange Project
Winnebago County, Wisconsin

The STH 47 (Appleton Road) interchange project was awarded the Silver Award for “Outstanding Design and Construction” in the Municipal Streets & Intersections Category > $30,000 SY. The award was presented to the WisDOT NE Region (owner), OMNNI Associates & Wisconsin DOT, NE Region (construction administration services), and Vinton Construction Company (prime contractor).

acpa_appletonrdAppleton Road (STH 47) is a principal arterial that traverses through the City of Appleton, City of Menasha and Town of Menasha. OMNNI provided construction administration services for the complete urban reconstruction of 0.6 miles of Appleton Road which was completed on an accelerated schedule including a 75-calendar day closure of the interchange with USH 10/STH 441.

The project included roundabout construction at the ramp terminals, permanent and temporary ramp construction, detention pond construction, and streetscaping with a requirement for full pedestrian access through the work zone. It also included staged mainline construction on USH 10/STH 441 to widen and re-deck the existing Appleton Road overpass structures.

Many aesthetic items and amenities were included such as colored concrete crosswalks, colored and stamped sidewalk in medians, intersection bumpout construction, bus shelter installation, trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, and planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. Additional work included traffic signal installation at the intersections on each end of the project, roadway lighting, overhead sign structures, ITS construction, and bridge construction.

For additional project photos click here.

Matt Berg, P.E., (left), Construction Project Leader, receives award for OMNNI Associates


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