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OMNNI Celebrates 50 Years of Helping the Fox River Valley Grow

Phil Ramlet, P.E., President/CEO

This year marks a special year for OMNNI Associates as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.  Founded in 1968 by two young professionals with a vision to develop a quality engineering and architectural firm, OMNNI has grown into a full-service consulting firm providing innovative engineering, architectural and environmental solutions.

As I look back at the journey that has brought us to where we are today, I am proud of the projects, large and small, that have contributed to the growth of the Fox River Valley.

I am also immensely proud of our employees. Our incredibly talented staff has worked countless hours to help build safer communities by designing a better infrastructure and by developing community facilities to meet the needs of a changing demographic. These projects have supported business growth and have improved economic development in the area.

Here are a few of our accomplishments throughout the past 50 years:

A Driving Force for Economic Development

OMNNI’s association with Appleton International Airport has resulted in major contributions to the area’s infrastructure resulting in increased economic impact. Since 1988, OMNNI has designed and engineered improvements to ensure the safety, security and convenience of the passengers flying into Appleton.

OMNNI recently provided design of building renovations for the addition of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities which allows the airport to claim international status. In addition, design for expansion of the entrance roads, service area and parking lot, and design of a close circuit TV and security system, allows passengers to navigate safely and efficiently around the airport.

Throughout the years, OMNNI has provided design for new runways, taxiways, aprons, general aviation areas, parking lots, access roads and hangar facilities. Also, through successful collaborations, such as with the airport and Fox Valley Technical College, we designed an 80-acre Public Safety Training Facility for the school. People from all over the country come into the area to train at these facilities.

OMNNI Concrete
Appleton International Airport, Appleton, Wisconsin

Fox Valley Technical College Public Safety Training Center, Appleton, Wisconsin

Engineering Efficient Transportation Networks

Miles and miles of roadway and hundreds of bridges throughout the Fox Cities area have been enhanced through OMNNI’s efforts.

Projects include providing design services for the reconstruction of downtown College Avenue and the College Avenue Bridge (Appleton), as well as the Mason Street Bridge (Green Bay). More recently, projects include the design of improvements to CTH CA from CTH CB to Casoloma Drive (Appleton) and USH 151 & CTH V Interchange (Fond du Lac County).

Downtown College Avenue Bridge, Appleton, Wisconsin

Mason Street Bridge, City of Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin

USH 151 and CTH V Interchange, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Focused Response and Delivery

A quick and focused response from our environmental and materials testing staff helped avert a major catastrophe in 2013 when Pier 22 of the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge (Green Bay) sank about two feet, causing a 400-foot sag across all four lanes.

OMNNI’s staff was immediately called in to work closely with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as part of the investigative team to determine what caused the unexpected settlement. Extensive coordination was required throughout the project and into the repair phase. Due to the accelerated schedule during the repair phase, OMNNI staff worked nights, weekends and holidays providing field services.

OMNNI staff worked round-the-clock providing environmental, geotechnical and materials testing services.

OMNNI provided field services during the repair phase of the project.

Building Vibrant Communities

Population growth and economic impact has spurred the demand for additional cultural and recreational facilities in the area.

In 1995, OMNNI completed the design and engineering of the infrastructure for the Fox Cities Stadium (Appleton) which has become an economic resource for the Fox Valley. Other projects include site design for the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (Appleton) and geotechnical testing for the UW-Fox Valley Communication Arts Center (Menasha). Presently, OMNNI is providing geotechnical and environmental services for the construction of the Fox Cities Exhibition Center (Appleton).

Fox Cities Stadium, Home of the Timber Rattlers, Appleton, Wisconsin

Redevelopment through Environmental Clean-up

Area brownfields have been cleaned up and redeveloped due to OMNNI’s involvement in successfully remediating these sites. The underutilized Valmet property, located in the flats in Appleton, was successfully remediated and redeveloped into Trolley Square, a 20,000-square-foot brick and glass mixed-use facility.

The former Wire Works facility, located on one full city block in Appleton, was heavily contaminated with chlorinated solvents and heavy metals. OMNNI provided investigation and remediation services for the site which was remodeled by the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities into affordable housing units.

Our engineers also implement “green” technology to help remediate sites including Phytoremediation, which is a cost-effective technology that uses plants to assist in the clean up of contaminated soils and groundwater.

OMNNI Brownfield Redevelopment
Successful remediation of the site allowed for the a mixed-use facility to be developed.

Offering a combination of engineering, architectural, and environmental services, OMNNI has provided the Fox River Valley with the right mix of expertise needed to support its growth and development.

But, we couldn’t have done it without our customers and I would like to thank each one of you for your support and friendship over the past 50 years. We couldn’t have done it without you!

As we enter 2018, we enthusiastically look forward to what the next 50 years will bring.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Karen Rickert says:

    Congratulations Phil!!!

  2. Genelle says:

    Wow! 50 years! Happy golden anniversary to you. More years to come and more power!

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