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OMNNI Associates Honored with WisDOT Award for GRS-IBS Project


OMNNI Associates was recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for their role in the design of the CTH KW Bridge over Pratt Creek in Dodge County. The CTH KW bridge project took first place in the WisDOT Excellence in Highway Design competition for the Best Local Program Design.  Judy Wilson, P.E., Project Manager and Kris Olson, P.E., Project Engineer (second and third from the left) received the award for OMNNI Associates.


With fewer federal funds available to assist local governments, Dodge County looked for new and innovative ways to replace their deteriorating bridges. They chose to investigate a new technology known as Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) and contracted with OMNNI Associates for the bridge design services to replace the CTH KW bridge over Pratt Creek using this new technology. Only one other bridge in Wisconsin had been constructed using GRS-IBS.

What is GRS-IBS?

GRS is an engineered fill of closely spaced, alternating layers of compacted fill and geosynthetic reinforcement. This layering eliminates the need for traditional concrete abutments. IBS is a method of bridge support that blends the roadway into the superstructure using GRS technology. The integrated system creates a transition area that allows for uniform settlement between the bridge substructure and the roadway approach, resulting in a smoother bridge approach.


The main appeal of this new GRS-IBS technology is that bridge replacement projects can be completed in as little as several weeks versus several months. Another advantage of using this technology is the ability for the local government’s field staff to build the bridge themselves. Both advantages save the taxpayers money, which is the number one goal in using this technology.

Congratulations to the OMNNI Bridge Design Group:  

Judy Wilson, P.E. (Project Manager), Kris Olson, P.E. (Project Engineer), Brian Epley, P.E. (Bridge Designer), Tim Bolwerk, P.E. (Geotechnical) and Jason Weis, P.E. (Hydraulics).

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