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OMNNI Assists County Governments with Surveying Services

Dave Yurk, PLS, offers 30 years of surveying expertise

As OMNNI’s Survey Manager, Dave Yurk, P.L.S., directs OMNNI’s Survey Group, but he also provides his expertise on a part-time basis to county governments, including Shawano County and Outagamie County. Working as an extension of their staff, Dave represents the counties on all survey-related projects. Projects range from answering simple survey questions from interested  public citizens to reviewing survey plans for new developments.

Per the Wisconsin Statute 59.45, Dave’s primary role is to maintain the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), where he manages and maintains the government section corners within the various townships to ensure accurate surveys and property descriptions. In his capacity as the county surveyor, Dave works closely with the zoning and planning and GIS departments. He also assists the Land Information Council in determining how the budget is allocated, which may include needs like aerial mapping services for GIS, new equipment and temporary employee hires.

Shawano County Surveyor

As the Shawano County Surveyor, Dave provides review authority for all surveys filed and recorded within the county. He reviews all Certified Survey Maps and subdivisions per the Shawano County Land Division Ordinance, and recently, he was responsible for rewriting the Land Division Ordinance to be compliant with state statutes.

“Dave’s surveying and legal knowledge is invaluable, says Kari Hopfensperger, Shawano County Planner. “He is an asset to Shawano County and a pleasure to work with.”

Dave’s other responsibilities have included establishing boundary lines for specific clear cutting of forest lands to maintain healthy forested areas and boundary surveys of county land, and he recently completed a boundary survey of an acquired parcel for a new county building project.

Jessica Van Buren, Shawano County Property Lister says, “Dave’s expertise and experience has proven to be a great asset to our office from surveying standards to right-of-way plats. He is always willing to help out and helps us find the answers we need.”

Outagamie County Surveyor

As the Outagamie County Surveyor, Dave’s specific role is to manage the PLSS. He also provides maintenance and inspection for two townships per year. He’s currently maintaining and inspecting the Town of Grand Chute and Town of Greenville, which includes 156 corners per township. Each corner needs to be physically inspected for the location and respective witness monument and to verify corner coordinate value. Each corner tie sheet will be updated or replaced providing a more accurate description of the corner.


Whether he’s in the office working with a client on a project or at a county office lending a hand, Dave enjoys helping clients with their surveying challenges.

“My job is extremely rewarding,” notes Dave. “I like helping people with their survey issues, whether it’s preparing a property boundary survey to help solve a private property dispute or helping the public gain a better understanding of why a survey is important.”

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