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Meet Dave Yurk, P.L.S., Survey Manager

As a Professional Land Surveyor, Dave Yurk leads OMNNI’s Survey Group providing supervision of field surveyors and technicians. On any given day, he is managing multiple projects including coordinating field crews, answering client’s questions and providing quality review of survey maps and plans.

Or, you may catch him running down to the county courthouse to look up a deed or research a client’s property boundaries. Every day is different, and each project is unique with its own specific requirements and problems to solve.

“With 30 years of experience, I can honestly say that this job is never boring, and every day brings new challenges,” says Dave. “Each project is like piecing together a puzzle. I gather all the information, such as determining property boundaries and reviewing historical deeds and maps, and then fit them all together to provide a legal document that is an accurate representation of the client’s property.”

A survey is needed for just about every project that OMNNI completes, whether it’s a for a new building addition or the reconstruction of a bridge. The variety of services provided may include:

  • Boundary surveys for existing and new parcels;
  • Right-of-way plats for new transportation corridors;
  • Topographic surveys for roads, airports and new developments;
  • Construction staking for transportation projects and site developments;
  • Legal descriptions for existing and new parcels; and
  • Ground surveys for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) aerial photogrammetry mapping.

Joel Wald, P.L.S., conducts a ground survey to mark points for aerial photogrammetry by the WisDOT.

Examples of the specific projects that Dave and his surveyors work on include:

  • Boundary survey of the Capital Drive Airport, Brookfield for the Bureau of Aeronautics.
  • Right-of-way plat for CTH CA (west College Ave) for the Outagamie County Highway Department.
  • Boundary and topographic surveys, as well as construction staking, for the site and roundabout for SECURA Insurance’s new headquarters building, Village of Fox Crossing.
  • Topographic survey for WisDOT for 16 miles of new roadway design on Hwy 54, Outagamie County.
  • A Certified Survey Map, topographic survey and as-built survey for the new Appleton Exhibition Center.

Dave enjoys the challenges that each project brings. One of his most challenging projects was the development of a monumentation plat for 12 miles of I-41 from DePere to Suamico. What made this project so interesting was that it was completed after the construction of the corridor, which resulted in barely any existing monumentation and the fact that the previous surveys and plats were over 50 years old. It was quite a challenge to tie in all the new developments, within the past 50 years, with the older mapped highway.

Award-winning Surveys and Maps


Dave is proud of the quality of work that OMNNI’s surveyors complete. They have consistently won awards from the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors for excellence in mapping services, which are presented annually and recognize surveyors who have completed exceptional survey maps and documents.

“OMNNI’s surveyors continually produce high-quality, accurate surveys and maps,” says Dave. “Not only are they important tools to use for today’s projects, but they will also stand the test of time as future historical references.”

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  1. Gloria says:

    Congrats on 30 years of service Dave. It’s a nice article and good coverage of how important your work is to the community and surrounding areas. Nice to see recognition given to you and OMNNI.

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