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Fitness Ranks High at OMNNI Associates

craigonbike Craig logged over 4,000 miles in the OMNNI Fitness Challenge this summer. He is still riding into the Fall and is well over 5,000 miles to-date.

Employee Fitness Challenge

Staff take their health seriously at OMNNI Associates. As part of the company’s employee fitness challenge that takes place each summer from April through the end of September, participants walk, run, and bike their way to a healthier lifestyle.

The goal is simple. Complete 100 minutes of exercise weekly. Participants who meet this goal are entered into a weekly drawing for prizes. Three weekly winners are chosen. As further incentive, there is also a raffle prize giveaway at the end of each month for qualified participants.  Six monthly winners are chosen.

At the end of the challenge, those participants who reach 100 minutes per week at least twice a month during the challenge, receive a $10 gas card for each month. Those who qualify can earn up to $60 in gas cards at the close of the challenge.

Sarah Paterson, OMNNI’s fitness guru,  keeps track of all the hours/miles logged, provides motivational support and creates good healthy competition. She even creates mini-challenges for those who may want to increase their weekly activity goals. Mini-challenges may include a series of push-ups, planks, or ab work.


“I have always believed in exercise for a healthy lifestyle,” said Sarah. “It’s also fun to have some good, friendly competition going on around the office.  And, the competition helps to increase activity levels for those individuals trying to beat out their closest rival.”


OMNNI’s participating employees logged the following miles:



Biking: 9,957 miles; 494,499 calories burned
Running: 1,590 miles; 147,433 calories burned
Walking: 2,192 miles; 246,288 calories burned

Highest Employee Totals :

Biking: Craig Knuth – 4,349 miles
Running: Ben Backus – 449 miles
Walking: Phil Ramlet – 712 miles

Total Minutes:






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