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OMNNI provides environmental consulting services, engineering services and field-related services for:

  • Environmental assessments, investigations and remediation
  • Wetlands
  • Stormwater
  • Compliance reporting

Since the founding of our company in 1968, we have provided environmental services to public and private entities. Over the years we have worked with state agencies, municipal governments, industry, developers, A&E firms, law firms, institutions, organizations and private property owners.

Learn how OMNNI used phytoremediation to help clean up a contaminated site.

BarrelsOur staff conducts Phase I environmental site assessments and other forms of due diligence to identify potential environmental conditions resulting from current or past site ownership and use. We have performed hundreds of environmental assessments, ranging in size and complexity from small commercial properties to large multi-building industrial sites. We provide services to financial institutions, industries, commercial clients, attorneys and individual property owners involved in property transactions.

Site InvestigationOMNNI has successfully investigated, remediated and received closure on a wide variety of contaminated sites. Our expertise includes assisting our clients in addressing releases of petroleum compounds, chlorinated solvents, metals, asbestos, lead, chromium and PCB contaminations that have affected numerous soil types and aquifers. We have worked on projects as small as impacted utility trenches to contaminant plumes encompassing large areas over several properties.

Brownfield RedevelopmentBrownfields are sites that are contaminated or are perceived to be contaminated. Typically, a brownfield site has had past industrial use during a period of no environmental regulations, fill brought onto the property that was contaminated and/or operations that had a high likelihood for contamination. We can assist you throughout the project including initial assessments, investigations, identifying funding options, remediation, monitoring, permitting and regulator reporting. We have numerous sites that were environmentally impacted and have since been redeveloped into productive properties once again.

WetlandsWetlands can affect a project, so identification is critical during the planning stage. Our wetland professionals conduct wetland assessments and advise on-site design issues. We characterize hydric soil indicators, identify wetland and upland vegetation and evaluate site hydrology. We can assist you throughout the permit process. Services include wetland identification, delineation, permitting, site development and mitigation.