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Civil Engineering

Civil / Site Engineering

For more than 40 years, OMNNI has provided cost-effective civil / site engineering services to clients in the public and private sectors. Our designs are sensitive to the environment and incorporate green practices, further enhancing our natural resources. Our engineers will guide you through the planning and design process and undertake the often complex permitting process to ensure your project stays on schedule and budget. Learn how OMNNI’s engineering expertise improved the EAA AirVenture site.

Site DevelopmentAs more and more land is developed in area communities, the land remaining for development presents several challenging opportunities for site engineers. Challenges may include unusual topography, the presence of wetlands, the location of a floodplain or contamination by a previous owner. OMNNI’s civil/site engineers take these and other challenges into consideration when evaluating a site and developing a plan that meets the needs of the client.

Stormwater ManagementImproperly managed stormwater causes runoff that can trigger flooding, erosion, contamination and habitat destruction. OMNNI’s engineers provide stormwater planning, design and permitting services to help our clients reduce runoff and remove harmful pollutants. Designs include water quality enhancing features, such as permeable pavements, biofilters, swales and stormwater ponds. Our engineers are also experienced in using modeling software that allows for the analysis and simulation of natural drainage features, in addition to modeling flood flows through detention facilities, streams, culverts, bridges, storm sewers and other drainage structures.

DamsOMNNI provides dam inspection, analysis and permitting services in compliance with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations for dam safety compliance. These regulations ensure the dam is running properly and that vital natural resources are protected. OMNNI’s services include dam inspection; Inspection, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) Plans; Emergency Action Plans (EAP); and dam failure analysis. Our engineers also provide dam, levee and lock restoration.

PermittingA critical piece to any project is obtaining the proper permits in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward. Whether you need a stormwater permit or a permit for developing near a waterway, OMNNI’s engineers have the knowledge and expertise needed to identify and coordinate the permitting process with the varying local, state and federal agencies.

Infrastructure and UtilitiesOMNNI provides engineering services for municipal infrastructure and utility projects. Projects include plan development and construction management for the replacement of existing streets and new street construction. Many projects involve the placement of new storm sewer, sidewalks and driveway aprons. Our engineers work hard to implement money- and time-saving techniques, such as pipe bursting technology and cured-in-place pipe, which can minimize impact to the street and owners’ properties.

Asset ManagementOMNNI has developed effective asset management programs to help municipalities manage their assets more efficiently. Our technicians use a mobile GIS application during the data collection process to conduct inventories, which are used to determine maintenance, repair and replacement of assets. The addition of GPS capabilities provides precise locations of the features being collected. Projects have included management of sidewalks, street signs, manholes, fire hydrants and street lights. All information is recorded on electronic data entry forms and can be printed to project specific reports.