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Avoiding Accidents in a Roundabout


Lane Utilization Problem – Picture on the Left

Choosing the correct lane prior to entering the roundabout is very important. Not selecting the correct lane may result in an accident caused by turning left from the right lane.

This is not an acceptable movement at any intersection, yet people try to make them at roundabouts.  Read the approach signing and choose the correct lane before entering the roundabout. 

As a general rule of thumb, if you are going to eventually turn left be in the left lane, if you are going to turn right be in the right lane.

The “Merge” Problem – Picture on the Right

It is important to yield to all lanes when entering the roundabout. 

As the diagram shows, the inner lane can exit or turn left.  It is important, as the entering driver, to wait for a safe gap in traffic in both circulating lanes before entering.  Not doing so may result in an accident.


OMNNI’s roundabout designers have provided analysis, review and design for more than 70 roundabouts including single- and multi-lane roundabouts in urban and rural settings. Our roundabout engineers are level 2 WisDOT qualified roundabout designers.

For more information visit: WisDOT How Roundabouts work

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