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7 Things You Should Know BEFORE Driving Through A Roundabout

Roundabouts are becoming a common intersection option, especially in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there are close to 300 roundabouts in Wisconsin. When first learning to drive through a roundabout, many people may feel apprehensive. Educating oneself on the correct way to drive through a roundabout will help dispel some of this fear.

Here are 7 things that you should know to help you navigate through a roundabout:

1. Pick appropriate lane before you enter a roundabout. Take note of signage and road markings to mentally note which direction you want to go and get into the proper lane before entering the roundabout. Similar to a traditional intersection, most right lanes are for through and right turning vehicles and the left lanes are for through and left turning vehicles.


2. Yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalk. There are designated crosswalks for pedestrians to use while crossing a roundabout. As you enter and exit the roundabout, yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalk.


3. Yield to the traffic on the left. Traffic circulates one way in a counterclockwise direction around a roundabout. Before entering, look to the left and yield to all vehicles already in the roundabout. When there is a safe gap, you may enter the roundabout.

4. Give large trucks the space they need. Do not try to pass or drive alongside a large truck in the roundabout.

5. The inner paved circle of the roundabout is for truck use. This area is called the truck apron and is for the rear wheels of a large truck to use when navigating the turn.


6. Do not switch lanes while in the roundabout. Much like you wouldn’t switch lanes in an intersection, you also wouldn’t change lanes in a roundabout. Know which lane you should be in before you enter the roundabout and stay there until you’ve completely exited.

7. Do not stop in the roundabout. Also like a traditional intersection, you should not stop in the middle of the roundabout. If you experience an emergency vehicle, pull over before entering the circle or after you exit it. Do not stop in the circle.


OMNNI has designed many roundabouts in Wisconsin. Learn more

For more information and rules on driving through a roundabout, visit the WisDOT.


2 responses to “7 Things You Should Know BEFORE Driving Through A Roundabout”

  1. Kirsten N says:

    Very helpful information especially to drivers whose having trouble with roundabouts.

  2. Beth says:

    We learn to be grateful for roundabouts because they teach us to slow down, look out for others and they save lives.

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